Foley is working with a medical device and biosensor technology company based in Hampton, Virginia, specialising in non-invasive IV-monitoring solutions for healthcare providers.

Their product continuously monitors hospital patient IVs to provide early detection of possible IV infiltration and extravasation.

The continuous monitoring and visible and audible identification provided by the medical device reduces the likelihood of complications resulting from the improper application and usage of IVs, thus saving patients and healthcare providers the costs and suffering associated with failed IVs due to infiltration/extravasation events.

The device disposable sensor receptacle is applied to the patient’s skin adjacent to the tip of a Peripheral Intravenous Catheter and detects IV infiltrations and extravasations with 96% accuracy in clinical trials. The medical device has been cleared by the FDA, and has been tested extensively through various medical institutions, most notably the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Complementary products and components incl. peripheral IVs, infusion pumps, continuous non- invasive haemoglobin monitoring systems, EEG sensors, and other such products connected to IVs and non-invasive medical technology. Example brands a partner may represent incl. Cheetah Medical, Masimo, Aspect Medical/Masimo SED Line, and CASMED/INVOS.

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