The firm was founded by Angela Foley over two decades ago when she identified a growing demand for expertise in helping businesses expand into or out of the Australian market.

Since that time, we’ve worked with more than 3,000 clients and built an enviable reputation for providing effective solutions for companies looking to expand their businesses to or from Australia and New Zealand.

With offices in both Sydney and Brisbane, Foley’s directors and consultants are experts in trade and international markets, representing private and public sector clients across the globe.

Experience, networks and knowledge to drive your international expansion

Foley’s team of experts can assist you in all areas of your expansion:

  • Reliable sources of market intelligence
  • Qualified collaborators and partners
  • Practical advice on setting up operations in a new location

Working with us gives you access to an even greater level of support through our membership in the International Business Group (IBG), a leading global trade advisory network with 300+ people worldwide and experience in more than 150 international markets.

Why you can rely on us as your global growth partners

Why you can rely on us as your global growth partners

  • We’ve assisted companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations and government agencies
  • With our broad industry coverage, we can help you no matter what your business is
  • We can connect you to the right people through our network of C-Suite and senior-level contacts developed over more than 20 years in business
  • We provide you with a well-informed and structured approach to market entry, based on a detailed analysis of the challenges and opportunities
  • We build relationships for the long term and work as an integral part of your team

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