Australia is Virginia’s 15th largest export destination globally. Australia’s resilient economy is built on stable institutions and sound regulatory policies and provides a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business. The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) has significantly stimulated U.S.-Australian trade and investment since 2005. In 2021, exports from Virginia to Australia amounted to over USD 290 million. Australia has a large services sector and is a world leader in mineral and LNG extraction and food production. With few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, sophisticated consumer and industrial sectors, and a straightforward, English-speaking business culture, Australia remains an important and receptive market for American goods and services.

The top opportunities for Virginia exporters in Australia include:

  • Aircraft and Parts
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Technology Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Recreational Marine Transportation
  • Smart Grid Technology

This trade mission presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to tap into these thriving markets, fostering economic growth and international collaboration. This will be a remarkable journey, connecting business with opportunities in Australia.

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