Foley is working closely with Business Finland to support several Finnish companies that have export solutions for low-carbon built environments and want to pursue Australia as a strategic market or partner. The market opportunity is aimed at participating companies that have products/solutions/services in the following:

  • energy efficiency and the optimization of energy use
  • low carbon building materials
  • digital and optimized design and building processes
  • data and tools for built environment maintenance, usage, lifecycle management and smooth everyday life.

Australia’s built environment contributes almost a quarter of Australia’s emissions, offering a significant opportunity for emissions reduction. With ambitious targets and increased funding at federal and state levels, the sector is on a robust trajectory to achieve its net zero carbon targets for Australian buildings by 2040. With new manufacturing materials and cutting-edge design seeing a surge in investment, this will undoubtedly lead to a more positive momentum in the industry. However, there are some challenges including the absence of Federal coordination and leadership and greater costs arising from higher energy efficiency. Despite this, commitment to decarbonization, technology advancements, and strong investor interest indicate a favourable path forward, as Australia aims to enhance its energy sustainability and reduce emissions.

For further information please contact:

Steve Berg | Strategic Consultant | E: