Covid has changed the way food and beverages are purchased and delivered in both retail and trade environment meaning that technology solutions that can increase efficiency for delivery as well as overcome labour shortages are also in demand. 

TV shows such as Master Chef and dedicated cooking channels continue to rate well and fuel the food and drink and culture and “trends”. 

For exporters wishing to sell into the supermarket and retail on a volume play, it is important to know that four players dominate the market (over 80% of sales) and there are opportunities to supply branded products as well as the base products/ingredients used in the growing private label/own brand segment. 

Outside of the major supermarkets, other potential stockists include convenience stores, delicatessens, butchers, fruit and vegetable grocers and speciality retailers such as BBQ retailers who now offer food condiments as part of their offerings. 

Dining out is also as a way of life for Australian and the sector is returning to its vibrant, competitive, and highly fragmented market dominated by many independent outlets.  There is a continued trends towards casual dining in cafés & pubs alongside fine dining experiences. US themed restaurants and bars also continue to be on trend. 

In terms of product categories, we are continuing to see a growing demand for healthy options & functional products e.g. ‘organic’, ‘free from’, ‘plant based’, ‘better for you’. Premium & boutique brands with new and interesting flavours and packing are also doing well. 

Potential exporters considering Australia as a market are encouraged to familiarise themselves with import restrictions and stringent food safety requirements as well as requirements related to packaging and labelling before entering the market. It also important to bear in mind that the market size is relatively small to the US and shipping costs to and around the country are quite high.  

To better understand the market and explore business opportunities in Australia the following Trade Shows in Australia may be of interest. Fine Food, Foodservice Australia, Foodpro

March 2023