Australia’s agriculture and energy sectors, present a paradoxical challenge – highly developed and yet so isolated. How can the world’s leading innovators connect with a segment plagued by its own isolation?

Enter Foley, Wyld Networks dedicated Australian delivery partner of Intralink, delivering low-cost satellite connectivity where it’s needed most.

Why Wyld Networks for Australia?

Australia’s vast landscape holds major assets and infrastructure in its interior that often lack reliable connectivity. Wyld Network’s cutting-edge technology, offers a game-changing solution. By leveraging partnerships with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite providers, Wyld Networks ensures affordable global connectivity. In a country where approximately 65% of farmland lacks proper mobile coverage, accessing critical IoT data is imperative. Wyld Networks bridges this gap, enabling seamless data flow from even the most remote locations.

Foley exists to facilitate the entry of tech innovators like Wyld Networks into the Australian market. Foley’s unique ability lies in transforming visionary ideas into economic drivers, aligning perfectly with Wyld Networks’ mission. Together, they’re not just connecting dots; they’re propelling innovations into economic realities, driving progress across the continent through relationships, facilitation, negotiation and delivery logistics. Foley is the versatile partner of choice for in-bound innovators seeking to navigate the complexities of Australia’s commercial landscape.

Why Foley?

Entering the Australian market isn’t just about technology; it’s about a durable partnership that supports your commercial strategy. Foley’s energy, intrepidness and activism within on behalf of Wyld, coupled with Wyld Networks’ revolutionary connectivity has created substantial Australian momentum. In a market where relationships are paramount, this partnership offers more than just services; it offers a tangible pathway to growth and achieving targets.

Join the Innovation Wave with Foley and Wyld Networks

Are you a UK-based tech company eyeing the vast potential of the Australian market? Foley, in collaboration with Wyld Networks, invites you to embark on a transformative 10-week Business Development Initiative. Through the UK-APAC Tech Growth Program, we’re here to guide your expansion journey.

In a world where connectivity fuels progress, Wyld Networks and Foley are not just connecting Australia; they’re catalysing a new era of innovation. Join us, and let’s shape the future together.

Mirna Sarihodzic | Principal Consultant | Foley